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Charles Berling will preside over the destiny of the Meursault Genevrières cask, vatful Philippe le Bon, offered by the Hospices.

On sunday 19th novembre 2000, wine-lovers from all around the world are to meet the actor Charles Berling, whose renown has crossed our borders since he played in Patrice Leconte's "Ridicule". He will give some rhythm to the important moments of the 140th Sale of Wine of the Hospices de Beaune.

Charles Berling has taken some time off from the shootings of Laurent Tuel's "Jeu d'enfants" and "Les âmes fortes" directed by Roland Ruiz, in order to preside over this charity sale, which benefits (30 millions of francs in 1999) are entirely consecrated to the financing of the Hospices's health establishments.

Roland Masse, the new steward of the Hospices de Beaune, announces that some 727 casks (including some 121 bottles of white wine), shared between 127 lots during this expected event, would be given out to the sale. Les Eaux de vie de Marc (21 casks) and la Fine de Bourgogne (2 casks) will complete the catalogue.

But the most beautiful cask doesn't appear on the auction's catalogue : it is that of the heart and generosity, a cask of Meursault Genevrières, vatful Philippe le Bon, which the Hospices offer to two great public causes : The UNISEP (Union for the Fight against Multiple Sclerosis), which supports medical research on this disease and helps the people touched by this illness, and Ecoles du Monde (Schools of the World), which supports and launches school projects in the north-west of Madagascar.

Once again this year, www.Vin-Et-Tradition.com will relay the sale live and will put to auction (minimum bid : 1 Fr), on the internet, 100 bottles of a previous vintage during the fortnight that will follow the sale.

Due to the year 2000, an exceptional event will take place the day before the Sale : the opening of the exhibition "From Bruges to Beaune, Marie, the Burgundy legacy". For this occasion, and for the first time ever, the Hospices de Beaune's shop will sell a special vatful "Marie de Bourgogne".

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