Vin et tradition, Hospices de Beaune
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Ventes des vins des Hospices Civils de Beaune sur Internet


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The Wine Auction of the Hospices de Beaune is a symbol in the tradition of charity auction. This year, and for the second time, Internet will join in this event.

The 2000 Wine Auction of the Hospices de Beaune - the 140th of its kind - will be broadcasted live on Internet and users the world over will be able to take part in this auction of prestigious wines. Moreover, to enable all net surfers - individuals and companies alike - to purchase wine, 100 bottles of wine will be offered for sale in the virtual auction room, with starting price at less than one euro. These wines have been bought and bottled by Burgundies wine merchants before 2000 (oldest vintage).

The campaign, led by AUSTRALIS Web Marketing Agency, with the agreement of the Burgundy Wine Merchant syndicate (FNEB), is supported by a pool of partners who have agreed to put their complimentary experience at the service of this major charity sale. Operations will be based on an Internet auction sale system set up by:

  • AUCLAND, one of the leading European on-line auction houses, will provide the virtual auction room where web users will be able to bid.

  • FRANCE TELECOM & WANADOO will provide the telecommunication and Internet access, in order to achieve the broadcasting of the event.

  • IBM will equip the Beaune sales room with terminals for Internet access, thus linking the actual and virtual sales rooms together. www.Aucland.fr is powered by IBM.

  • LA POSTE (French Post office), through COLIPOSTE, its Direction for delivery of parcels to private customers, will be in charge of logistics: packaging and transport of bottles sold on the event web site.

  • WINETODAY.COM, an online publication of NEW YORK TIMES DIGITAL, the internet division of the NEW YORK TIMES COMPANY, will provide exposure to the U.S. market and a highly desirable demographic of wine aficionados.

Further information available on official web site, http://www.Vin-Et-Tradition.com


AUCLAND (http://www.aucland.fr) - Launched in 1999 in France, with the majority of its shares held by Europ@web the industrial group started by Bernard Arnault, Aucland.fr has progressed in a few short months to become one of the leading on-line auction sites for the general public in Europe (700,000 members, nearly 300,000 in France, FF 70 million in transactions on its European sites and 60 million pages viewed monthly).

The site offers 18 different product categories: art and antiques, cars and motorcycles, comic books, jewelry and clocks, cinema, films and TV series, collections, household equipment, computing, office equipment and consoles, games, toys and figurines, books, music, sports and leisure, telephony, stamps, coins and postcards, TV, hi-fi and video, wine, alcohols and gastronomy, travel, other categories.

Aucland is present in France, the UK, Spain, Italy and Denmark and is preparing to open new subsidiaries throughout the rest of Europe in the course of 2001.

FRANCE TELECOM (http://www.francetelecom.fr ) & WANADOO (http://www.wanadoo.fr ) - Wanadoo is France's leading access provider and holds 39% of the French market. It had 1.6 million active1 clients in France and 660 000 active1 international clients at the end of September 2000.

Wanadoo, is also a general portal (wanadoo.fr) that guides and helps "wanadooers" and a professional services portal: Wanadoo pro.

Wanadoo is also present in Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Spain and also Morocco.

     (1) Active subscribers have connected at least once over the past 30 days

IBM (http://www.ibm.com) - The e-business is a major means of development for all kinds of enterprises ranging from small and medium businesses to large enterprises. Beyond what has become a buzzword, e-business is a reality which more than 240 000 IBMers throughout the world work on and make happen for their customers. These professionals propose global open solutions, integrating software, hardware and services. Through the e-business technologies IBM enables its customers to implement a more effective relationship with their own customers The auction sale for "Hospices de Beaune" is an outstanding example of this new approach.

COLIPOSTE (http://www.laposte.fr) is the Direction of the Group LA POSTE for the delivery of parcels of 0 to 30 kg to private customers. With a large range of products and services and a capillary delivery network, COLIPOSTE is the unavoidable partner of private customers, professional customers and companies of mail order services.

COLIPOSTE offers especially a range of "ready to send" parcels in 9 models, among which 5 boxes available in dimensions P, S, M, L and XL, a special CD/video box and three boxes which can contain 1 to 3 bottles. For expeditions within metropolitan France and Monaco, the delivery times are 24 H / 48 H (2).

The range COLIPOSTE makes it possible to send parcels in full security towards metropolitan France and Monaco. As a matter of fact, LA POSTE involves its responsibility, for the parcels of private customers, by the means of a tracking system that includes a posting proof and the signature of the addressee at the delivery. In addition a contract insurance is included in the price in case of lost, despoiling or damage.

On payment of a complementary franking the COLIPOSTE range can be sent to French overseas departments and overseas territories, and also to the other countries of the world. For international expeditions, the delivery times are D+3 to D+8(3).

This packing range is available in all french post offices.

(2) working days,
(3) indicative delays.

WINETODAY.COM ( http://www.winetoday.com)

Through front-page exposure on the web site and inclusion in their bi-monthly newsletter, more people than ever before will learn about this important event through WineToday.com.

Launched in August 1998, WineToday.com publishes editorial content daily, including weekly wine reviews, breaking news, food, wine and travel features,winery profiles, harvest reports, columns, special reports and events from around the globe.

WineToday.com is an online publication of NEW YORK TIMES DIGITAL, the internet division of the NEW YORK TIMES COMPANY and includes more than 9,000 current wine reviews and 1,700 winery profiles. With a readership of 1.5 million pages viewed by 350,000 unique visitors per month, WineToday is one of the world's leading sources for wine information.

Noted wine expert Oz Clarke, heads up the European tasting panel in London while WineToday's editors, Leslie Sbrocco and Tim Fish, lead the United States tasting panel. An international team of journalists contribute to the site, including Kathleen Buckley, WineToday's European editor, New York Times columnist Frank Prial, and Italian expert and author Burton Anderson.

AUSTRALIS (http://www.australis.fr)
- This consulting agency was founded in 1996 by Pierre RAVOT (Ecole Centrale de Paris), with the aim of helping companies and organisms wishing to increase their productivity and to innovate through new IT's especially the Internet.

AUSTRALIS practises a new job as a


AUSTRALIS operates above projects and provides companies with strategic analysis along three lines:

- Marketing,
- Communication,
- Technique.


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